Sunday, July 01, 2012

baby's twentieth

remind me how much i love birthdays...

it's my baby boy's birthday today! just got home from his birthday lunch with his family and we had a pre-celebration yesterday since he has to book in today evening. #oharmylife

(here's my answer to my readers on formspring- "Where would you bring your boyfriend for his birthday dinner?")
this was my plan for his birthday:
harry potter exhibition followed by dinner.

however, my bf started laughing at my plan because i was the one who wanted to go for the exhibition badly. (that's true) so change of plans! we caught the amazing spiderman instead! emma stone is impressive. :)

DSC01871 DSC01872 
we travelled down to keppel bay and had dinner at privĂ©!

the moment we arrived, i fell in love with the ambience and they provided really good service! 
I requested to be sitted outside but unfortunately there was an event held outside and so they gave us a 
table by the window

never was a fan of raisin bread but i really loved these!
scallop carpaccio which my bf really love
baby's steak which i forgot what exactly it is named and his yummy pan-seared duck foie gras
i knew prive is famous for their josper grill but decided to go for something lighter and had sea-bass fillet instead! 
DSC01886 DSC01889 DSC01891 DSC01892 
baby went like "i thought it's my birthday? so you should kiss me instead"
lol lol why so cute?! ^^
DSC01893 DSC01895 
tiramisu parfait! i love it! it has this really strong espresso that goes along with its cheese parfait
and a complimentary cake from prive.. 

hehe it's like a mini surprise because i did tell the people in charge that it was for my boyfriend's birthday when they asked if its for any special occasion and when we had finished out dessert, the  manager popped up with a cake from behind.

we definitely had a great dining experience :)

DSC01897 DSC01899 DSC01901 DSC01907 DSC01909 
most exciting moment... present time!! ^^ 

that's all folks!
a great night with the happy boy :)
i love you baby, happy 20th once again! mwah.

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