Monday, June 18, 2012

my big two.

Had a pre-birthday celebration dinner with my friends last monday and no words can describe how amazing my friends are.

It's always my birthday when it reminds me how friendship is not about the quantity but quality.
I'm really happy to have my friends around me to be celebrating for my birthday.

And here we are, at Carousel..

DSC01606 DSC01670 DSC01613 bday1 DSC01625 DSC01626 DSC01628 
my pretty bbg ♥
dax and nat
my closest cousin, dest and my lovely zishan ♥
This is my most unique birthday cake ever! I wasn't even expecting a cake haha!
DSC01642 DSC01645 DSC01646 DSC01647
beautiful people! xo
DSC01651 DSC01653 DSC01652 DSC01658 DSC01656 DSC01668 DSC01666 DSC01667 
DSC01671 DSC01672 
all well fed for the night.. haha

so, we didn't have any plans after dinner and decided to grab a drink at the bar above carousel..

DSC01673 DSC01680 DSC01678 DSC01682 DSC01683 
A little gifts from my friends:
DSC01622 IMG_2806 
An envelope of $50 CapitaVoucher and $100 of Topshop Gift Card. Definitely the most essential presents for me hehe

On every eve of my birthday, my boyfriend would usually turn up at my place during midnight to surprise me. however, he was stuck in his camp and therefore he couldn't celebrate for me on my actual birthday. but it's okay, sometimes we've got to adjust to circumstances right? :)

so this year was different! I had my sister, my closest cousin, destinee, counting down with me!
birthday1 birthday2 
And here's a surprise present destinee got me!

A Chanel powder blusher!  i love it so so much ♥

my actual birthday was pretty simple. 
i headed to the gym in the afternoon, had dinner with my family and i had zero intentions of partying until i was finally persuaded by dax and headed down to envy in the night.

470078_10151006575406418_1144714271_o-1 471450_10151006531031418_1354256771_o 470723_10151006530791418_1063879645_o 177567_10151006533821418_962299058_o 459015_10151006554441418_564477086_o 333494_10151006533496418_454866503_o 412167_10151006530056418_2131731298_o 411720_10151006530291418_1250639665_o 178761_10151006530126418_725267710_o

I am really thankful to have such amazing friends around me. Deeply appreciate my friends for coming and sharing in my special day with me. I will love them even more and have also been loving them for being there through these years. Some old, some new. but still, equally important and deeper friendships to be build upon.


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