Thursday, May 10, 2012


A few days back, I'd decided to whip up a meal for my family and cooked pinenut aglio olio with cajun prawns. My family loved it and my boyfriend insisted on tasting it. So I prepared another portion for him the next day but instead of cajun prawns, i made prawns (shrimps) scampi.. My boyfriend is a fussy eater and he's always very straightforward when it comes to tasting and to my surprise, he actually said it tasted really good. (that totally leveled up my confidence in cooking) 

im definitely gna keep improving and try out more dishes!
DSC01366 09-May-20122 
Say hello to miss nutella tart, mrs one egg soup and mr apple crumble!
DSC01348 DSC01393
and yes, as always, we never finish our desserts...
DSC01418 DSC01397 DSC01399 DSC01403 DSC01411 DSC01423  DSC01426 DSC01424

have a good day queerdos! ^^

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