Saturday, May 19, 2012


Last week, my beloved cousin was 21. We grew up together and now, she's officially an adult. With the help from her sweetheart, everything went perfectly well and it was really heartwarming. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed her big day and we are (i am) impatiently waiting for her birthday pictures to be uploaded on facebook... 
IMG_2678 Screen shot 2012-05-17 at PM 07.30.15 
and today, its my awesome dad's birthday! 
IMG_2703 19-May-2012 
we had so much goodness and had complimentary desserts from little cutie alienwithbraces eileen! she happened to be working at the restaurant and her generous manager gave us special treats. how sweet ^^
the lovely couple - my amazing parents ♥
1-19-May-20123 IMG_2736 
these are my buys for the day from sephora! 
january and sandra kinda ruined my "excitement" for benetint.. I was told on instagram the product isn't really that good. urgh :( but its okay! buying make up products are always a trial n error thing to me :)
this. my current favorite song on replay right now.. sweetest. song. ever!

the kick has finally hit me. 
i feel like i'm dying from loneliness right now :'( 
i miss my boyfriend terribly and i can't wait to have him by my side.. The first week went pretty well for me but recently, it wasnt. 

here just waiting for you.

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