Thursday, May 24, 2012

i am going to blog today.

this month has been very uneventful.
well, not really. (i do have a few happy moments but today i'm referring to the bad ones)

If you had followed me on twitter, you should know that i'd lost my phone a few days back. I blame no one but my negligence. 
however, it's a shame to see how shallow human nature is. but i shall stop brooding over it and look on a bright side. I welcome a new phone with open arms!

and last saturday, i went for an interview (which i shall not to disclose) but i was really disappointed because i knew i could have nailed it if it wasn't for my petiteness. 
just a bit more.. never mind, i'll take that as a good life experience.

IMG_0042 IMG_0047 IMG_0011

on a brighter note, i'm finally meeting my boyfriend tomorrow. yes, finally!
and i got to squeeze some time for gym despite my busy schedule :)
that's about it! i'll talk to you again folks! off to dimsum with pretty mummy! mwah

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