Sunday, April 01, 2012

march in snapshots

march snapshots 1
sinful meal with the boyfriend. favorite fish ball noodles. popin cookin. candy poop.
sneaky teddy. mom's homemade dessert. smoked salmon sandwich. dest and I's fav larva cake.
march snapshot 2
sauna. childhood gummies. mail from ngeeann's fms. traditional tauhuey for breakfast.
self-portrait. homemade lime juice. i forgot what's that but sure is yummy! jap food from thomson.
march snapshot 3
cheese potatoes!!! camwhore. the boyfriend. cycling sunday.
hot fudge sundae - YUMMY. dinner at the seafood restaurant. marina bay. shenna's and vannessa's rainbow cupcakes.
march snapshot 4
OOTD. honey oats. food. food.
Ippudo. ganache macarons. crazy mask time. custard milk pudding with sister.
march snapshot 5
crazy mess i made on a sat. made a sumptuous breakfast for myself. b's fav raw fish. first braided bun.
 nutella and toast. abalone porridge w baby. granny's birthday. home-cooked fish beehoon - LOVE
march snapshot 6
naked. new found larva cake. ear candling. bestie.
one of my sis great buys. camwhore. my dinner. free pop cakes! 

here's my march in review! not that there weren't any good moments along the way but it was pretty mundane? 

Please be on guard and don't fall for it! I just pranked my dad though, a pretty lame one.
Hahahaha goodbye! :)

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