Sunday, April 29, 2012

bits & pieces

Morning love! My bad for not keeping this space updated as occasionally as I usually would. I have been pretty... busy? 

This is my almost daily breakfast food. I prepare them myself every morning. It's one of my favorite right now. Seriously, who can resist a cup of yogurt muesli?
DSC01061 DSC01069 DSC01072 
Here's a few snapshots of little cutesy toffee. she's one little hyperactiveoverlyadorable puppy ^^
Flu... Yeah, I'm having a bad flu right now. Bf is leaving for HK tmr and I wish I can tag along too :(
if only it wasn't last minute planned...
DSC01107 DSC01108 
And so we had like dinner at sushi tei today.  The salmon salad was really good! :)
DSC01155 DSC01193 DSC012091
That's about it! Peace out love! 
Can't wait to bake tmr! I do hope the gods of baking are on my side and they turn out nicely. Please?

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