Tuesday, March 06, 2012

my february in snapshots

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i've been gone for a few days, how was your first week of march?
feb snapshots 1
my new set of bobbi brush. self portrait. desserts w mom and sis. first attempt macaroni.
beausean's art when he was 8. dest's post birthday dinner. bimba&lola. vday present.
feb snapshots 2
silly face. pandora. homemade pancakes. dishes.
suki-ya. cold tofu. valentine's dinner. USS monthsaries.
feb snapshots 3
gelato bomb. beausean tan - love of my life. presents w love. parcel.
first cambridge. chocolate fondue. escargot. dest's makeup lesson.
feb snapshots 4
extreme sore throat. toffee. queer pants gift from baby. baked alaska.
catch-up w my girls. moustache laughters! tea-time. polaroids love.
feb snapshots 5
ootd. flea @scape. my amazing french braid skills on jappo(he liked it). cup painting time.
jogging. cutest thing in the world. fav ramen. movies w my bitches.

Goodbye, February!

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