Wednesday, February 29, 2012

moustache + cherries ♥

Had a special weekend with my bf painting cups for each other last sunday.

Yeap! I came out with this silly idea and it wasn't as easy to paint as I imagined. 

I made a trip down to Art friend and bought a bagful of baking paint and brushes. I made a huge mistake for getting polished porcelain tumblers. It's so hard to get the paint on!

Here's our process:
This is the final look! The blue tumbler was painted by me for my bf and vice versa. 

It is pretty obvious who is better at this. Haha! I tried to be an artsy fartsy person by painting tribal pattens at the bottom but I gave up halfway and scrubbed everything off. 

We were supposed to bake the paint in the oven the next day but we doubt the paint would stay permanently and decided to skip this step and keep them as a display instead.

It was nice trying out unusual things on usual days. 

Happy leap day everyone! :)

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