Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cos you're amazing just the way you are?

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Every woman would love to hear these (lyrics) from their man, but I'm definitely not that amazing in his eyes. Not anymore. My relationship is hitting rock bottom. We are quarreling almost every single day and they are all over small matters that does not even worth to be mad at for the whole day, especially when we can spend the time loving each other more. Valentine's day is just 4 more days away but I'm totally not looking forward to it because I can foresee the both of us quarreling and I'll be crying. What upsets me most is there is nothing I can do to make things better. He's a great person, but we just can't get along. I'm a person who needs constant reassurance from my partner and I need to feel loved 24/7. I guess it's just tiring to be in love with me, always having high expectations and demanding. So, no more falling in love if this relationship, sadly, ends. Even if I do, please remind me never to be too committed or else I'd end up like a lost puppy, again. Gimme some time and the cheerful girl will be back and make the whole world shine. ha

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