Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm not over it.

Merry X'mas
         I know you were dead tired and got all cranky at me just now but I really wished you could have been nicer towards me. I tried my best to go to bed with you at the shortest time possible but I still couldn't meet up to your expectation. On Tuesday, I admitted it was my fault that caused our break up but I could not get over the fact that you took your keys away from me and you did not return them to me when we got back. To me, they are the only thing that keeps my heart secure. They resemble trust, faith and true love. I could recall when you first handled them to me and told me I was the first girl you ever gave your keys to, I felt like I was the luckiest girl and a hint from you that I was the one you've been searching for. Now that you took it back, I felt that things are never going to be the same no matter what it seems. Its like a scar beneath layers of foundation, when you remove it, it will still be there. Despite that, I had a huge lots of fun with you today. It was my first experience having my boyfriend driving me out and witnessing how cool you looked when you drove. When I was looking at you, I told myself, 'I have the hottest boyfriend ever.' Oh baby, you just don't know how stunning you looked. Lastly, the cutest part of all was how you freaked out when you thought the snake in your house was on the tree. It was unbelievable a big man like you could be so afraid of snakes and rats and lizards? Haha, the scenario was so clearly pictured in my head. I'm writing in the early morning of Christmas Eve right now. I hope we will have a great time tonight and not end up having a screwed one. Make my wish come true, all I want for Christmas is less fights and more unconditional love from you. 
Your baby girl.

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