Wednesday, August 18, 2010

mah fav boy ♥

Omg I can't stand myself, I think I'm way too forgetful and clumsy! I've been repeating my gossips to my boyfriend too many times and I always give him the same reaction before I break the news. And before I could finish my sentences, he already knew its the same thing I'm gonna say. Hahaha! Today when we board the bus, we were snatching ez-link card when the bus driver started the engine, I lost my balance and hit my head against the pole right in front of all the commuters on the bus. Almost every one has a seat so they all got a good view of it..... embarrassing much? And I slipped and almost fell in school despite noticing the warning written clearly on the sign "Cleaning in Progress" and telling myself I'm gonna watch my steps! 
Exams are coming! Panicpanicpanicpanicpanic!!! 

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