Thursday, July 08, 2010

I chose love because you love me and I love you so much

I'm starting to realize I'm beginning to be more dependent on my boyfriend. When I'm not with him, I am sad and depressed. And I sometimes feel like I’m happiest wrapped up in this bubble of just me and him and along the way, I’ve forgotten how to make new friends and neglected my friends. People will always come and go. I can’t depend on someone else for my happiness, it’s not healthy and it’s not fair to him. It’s time I grow up and stand up for myself more often. I’m responsible for my own happiness. And I don't want to be a sticky girlfriend!

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Joelle said...

this applies to most of the girls when they're in a relationship. when you're so in love, it's really difficult for you to not depend and be sticky to your boyfriend. it just comes naturally. and your recent posts already shows how much you're into him.