Monday, May 31, 2010

dear boyfriend.
i'm so used to your daily presence that every time you leave me, every time i'm alone, i miss you. the second you leave, i miss you. (i was just exaggerating on the every second part haha it makes me sound freaky) but i swear i miss you a hell lot more than i miss cinnamon melts and the point is we just met two days ago. i want you here and now. i know we can simply meet up anytime of the day but we are all burying our heads into books for our upcoming papers. i am so in love with you that i can't find space to memorize my law because you filled up all my memory space. you make me my happiest. i miss you, and i love you. and baby you look gay when you style your hair but yet still so terribly irresistible and adorable.
- your bieber vandersex


Anonymous said...

you study law?

Anonymous said...

hey, saw you and your boyfriend in The Noose, ahaah , nice!