Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The latest collection are imported from Korea! 
Ohmygod love the clothes ♥
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Anonymous said...

hey are you still using polaroid? where to you get the films nowadays! other than pennisular :)

Anonymous said...

hi, i saw ur prev comment to an anonymous that u r 155cm. but how come on ablackdiamond it says 160cm?

Serene said...

Hello! May I know which salon did you get your hair done? What kind or curl/perm is it called? And how often do you curl it again?
Because yours looks really natural and beautiful! I understand that many anonymous have been asking you the same thing but do get back to me! Thanks! Btw, you guys look real sweet tgt. :)

Joanne Eng said...

Anon11:48 - I hadn't been using it for a period of time! so i've no idea if the one at junction 8 is still selling them!
Anon3:42 - well, that was my height taken when i was in my secondary school days.
Anon8:29 - Thank you! You can try Jeric Salon! Mine was natural perm and it has been for quite some time already and I didn't perm it again :)