Thursday, April 22, 2010

We'll want to be skinny girls

I hadn't been eating healthy food these days. I had Mcdonalds twice in this week. Girls, please do not ask me  for tips on how to lose weight. Not that I'm being selfish but I'm seriously a bad example. When I say I'm not eating, I really mean it but when I am in my eating mood, I tend to overeat (like a lot) and then start regretting and wonder why I can't be less greedy on food. 
Anyway, this is a new shoot taken for ablackdiamond. The make up on us are shu uemura products (in case you ask) There are more pictures actually but I didn't have my thumb drive with me yesterday, so I'll prolly collect them tomorrow. :) 


Anonymous said...

hi may i know where r u studying right now :) ?

Anonymous said...

hi. may i know if u dyed ur eyebrow? when did u went to?