Monday, March 15, 2010



My mac has been sent for servicing and I can only get it back prolly latest by tomorrow evening! It sucks to be born clumsy. I got water spilled onto my keyboard and now the keys are failing me. Now it cost me a bomb to get it fixed. Also, I can't stand myself for being aware that I'd put on some weight and yet not doing anything about it. As in, I lost the motivation to exercise! ): The lazy creepycrawlies are getting into my bod. I do need to get them out! Teriously!


Anonymous said...

i've split ribena/milo/water on my mac keyboard before. didnt spoil!!! it was all over not just a bit heh my really old mac did spoil when i split water on it tho, had to change the keyboard but it was only $100 so that was a pretty fair game!

Anonymous said...

hi. wannna ask if u do your own make up for the photo shoot? and what did they or u apply? u look really pretty and photogenic :)do hope everything goes well for u :D

Joanne Eng said...

@I've split ribena/milo/water on my mac... : Omg mine cost me 470+!! damn costly! ):
@hi. wannna ask if u do your... : Thank you, I'm using m.a.c & bobbi brown for eye make up, Loreal for my foundation and Chanel for the lips.