Thursday, February 18, 2010

what's so magical about being locked out of house


It was 11.46PM. I came home from a jog and I rang the door bell numerous times but to no avail. I've got no phone with me. My mind was, Shit. Mummy must be on purpose. 10 minutes had passed and the door was still shut. Damn, mummy must be serious this time. She's not gonna let me in. 
(My mummy hates it when I work out at this hour)
Feeling unloved and pissed at Mum at the same time, I broke down and took a lift down to the lobby. I never felt so lost. My phone. I couldn't make any phone calls for help and neither can I look up for my friends to keep me accompany. 
Strolling along the roadside, with the company of my Ipod, filled my mind with so many 'If only' s.
-If only I brought my phone along with me
-If only He's here for me
- If only Dest knows about this
-If only SM will open her freaking door
-If only JY is hanging around this area right now

Ah, where should I be going to kill time?
It's only 12, Dad won't be back yet. 
I made up my mind and with my heavy feelings, I dragged myself to the place where I recently bumped into my crush at. I took a bet with my heart, If he's there, it shows that we are fated. - Baby by Justin Bieber ft Ludacris was on my playlist.-
Every steps got me closer to the place and, Dang! He isn't there. 
Not fated, Really? 
Two people stood up from the area and walked to another direction from where I was standing. I took a step back for a clearer look. OMG, IT'S HIM! THIS IS SO DAMN MAGICALLLLL. I lost the courage to approach him because my eyes were all teary from all the crying just now. I didn't want to look embarrassing especially with his friend around. =\ 
Then, it kind of made my day.(Getting locked out of the house is so totally worth it.Because it shows how fated we are?)  

-Hyped.-I walked home with thoughts of, Was Something trying to tell me Something? HEEHEE Was Something trying to tell me Something? and What if no one's still not going to open the freaking door for meeee?! 

To my relief, mummy was at the door and she said, Aiyo, why so late then come back? 
I go on by saying, I CAME BACK AN HOUR AGO. I PRESSED THE BELL SO MANY TIMES AND NOBODY ANSWERED. I THOUGHT YOU DIDNT WANT ME TO COME HOME@$#!@^$^%&%#$%@##@%#$^.... eh mummy, I tell you something that happened when I was away, something very magical............♥!

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