Tuesday, February 09, 2010



Hello dear cupcakes! Haha ok, that's so not myself.
Anyway, I had a photo shoot today for meganlabelle and here are a few sneak peeks of her collection! :)
Love it! (though it's a small one ^^) 
If you are observant enough, you'd have noticed that my hair is shorter. haha I feel that it looks neater than before, doesn't it? ☃✌


amelia said...

how to like get to be a film extra in mediacorp?thanks!stay pretty! :)

pretty! said...

Joanne you are so pretty!!!! You look so korean/japan-ish ((:

Anonymous said...

hi joanne, may i know where did you went to trim your hair? :)

Joanne Eng said...

mmm: haha what do you think? :)
Anony: i have no idea my dear!
pretty!: im not! ^^
Anony: oh really? :)
Anony: Jeric Salon hon :)