Friday, May 04, 2007

Whats wrong with me ? ai ni !
2 more subs to go & exams will be over !!! :D
Hist and Chem . (ohhhhh-sad.)
HoOoooookay ,
i'm updating what i've been doing for the days i'vent been blogging
Let's start with Nafa .
hmmhmm , it was a last minute decision
didnt want to go in the first place
on that day , bf & i was on my way home already
xinni called , i gave -.- look.
but i already bought my hokkien mee eh .
With no choice , i went home to put my bags & FOOD
met bf downstairs & i blinded him almost for the whole journey to school
LOL ! =P
Reached shool & i saw ziling at the sit & reach station
asked her where is my class & catched up with mingyi and friends
we snapped photos too !
i cant remember who's finger is this already
She's not even noticing me ! (ANGRY)
I looked retard & Zishan looks as if she was taking her passport photo
(no offence ah! dont beat me on mon^^)
after doing all the 5 stations , i went to find bf at the canteen
my school uniform was with him
as i didnt bring my bag along , i put my uni in his bag
well , he folded the uni & he even wear my skirt !
hahahaha !
Look at my ultra-hot B(boy)F(friend)F(forever)

hahahah , now bad news

i had a swollen eye , went to see a doc

& he gave me anitseptic cream (:

(the redish portion is the swell one -poorthing.)

I drew this !

wahahaha , i asked bf does she look like me

he said no .

then i turned crazy , because i think it looks like me

YALA YA LA , i bu yao lian (thickskin) lar !

nvm , at least i'm not as THICKskin as Ziling


hahahahaha ! =X


My desk ^^
it will be messy until exams are over
that elephant has been seating for quite awhile alread
(its still seating down there!)
i use 2 pairs of eyes to study at home :D
& green been soup to stay Cool
i have videos ! not MusicVideos but Videos .

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