Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hello !
mum is like bugging me to stop computering
Okay , i'm gonna blog abt Yesterday & Friday {:

Obviously , Firday was Zl & ZS 's birthday :D
We celebrated for them after school
Wenn jet , bf & i went to collect their birthday cake
after collecting , it started to rain cats and dogs
so we waited for the rain to stop
wait & wait ..
the rain didnt stop
so that 2 sua ku boys went to borrow umbrella from the ppl staying around the estate
the smart me , had my own umbrella
Bf carried my bag for me
Wenn jet carried my books
& i'm only in charge to protect the cake !
Finally delivered the cake safely to the canteen
Ziling looks so shy in the photo lar !
Ahahahaha :D

We sang bday song & all , so they cut the cake
distribute for everyone to eat :D
i edited them ^^

This is funnier !
wahahahaa !
if bf sees this , he's gonna *&#%@!!# again
was so pissed when i edited the photo a few posts ago
that he & weixuan

Aha , this photo looks as if like it was my birthday
After that , went home alone .
Bathed everything all done , watched tv
at abt 6 , i got ready .
left home at 6.30
(i was supposed to reach at 6.30 -.- )
Haha , took a cab to ZLZS bday party !
Are you invited ?
wahahahaha {: jk.

Mingyi : you are gonna regret not going , my dear .
Felicia was thrown down the pool
hahaha !
so was ZiShan !
aiya , almost all the girls were either carried or pushed down the pool
except for Ziling & I ? (i cant !)
they got wet & hugged me -.-
ok , very special
we took photo with a ghost
ahahah ! that was Fel lar {:This cool guy is KENNY
HaHHAHAHAHi took his photo & edited them !
kenny , i know you love it !
i have more , but i'm too selfish to show everyone

Awww , he looks so enjoyed being strangled by a Gorrilla (whatever it is spelt like.)

haha , after they cut the cake , glennon threw cake on fel's face

ahaha ! so cute {:

they even used the fruits , rub it one their face & tried to blance kiwi on their nose !


reached home at abt 10/11 , didnt really notice .

haha [:



Family outing

we went to uhhh, Suntec

had our lunch there .

after that , mum brought us to see Singapore's Ferrywheel which is will opened by next yr ?

Isnt it beautiful ?


next , we went to Clerk Quay(i spelt correctly right?)

lol ! ^^

Brought my parents to Lilian jie's working place

at abt 5/6 , we headed to Jurong Country Club

it was granny's birthday ! (:

D & his dad quarrelled ..

it was freaking scary but the way he leave with his last sentence at the door ,

' i'm leaving F.kers ' was super cool .

hahha ,

thats all then !


School tmr !

byebye {:

* i'll upload the birthday videos either tmr or the next post .
sorry for being so so late :X

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