Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Boo !
Helloooo ! hahahaha :D

oh so high today

lol , i dont know why either


Class photo !

Guess where am i ? (obvious right ?)


look look ! Below ! Below !

i edited it lar {:

hmmhmm ,

hadnt been using the com since monday

had History class test today

hopefully i do well ..

aha (:


Dont ask why i upload this photo again

because my friends claimed that its hard for them to figure out who that chio girl is

Pauline la !

she's so cute ^^

so they requested for a 'Zoom In' one

& i did ! :D

The video ! this is celebrated in school (:

@ their home :D

dont see me there as i'm the one videoing !


Granny's bday !

haha , the videos are very small

cause i'm used my handphont to video them (:

Mingyi left me alone in class during contact time


look at her hand ,

she was knocked down by someone & hurt her legs , palm & stomach when she was playing basketball poor thing right

hahaha , & the 'KIND' xinni helped her with her bag after morning assembly


hahahahaha !

the wound on her palm has infected already ):



haha , they are Parvin & Justin !


thats all for today !

(: sayonara !

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