Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hello !

been days since i blogged uuh ?

yay ! its school holiday already !


okay , i left school at 10.30 on friday
i've been excused lurh {:

ah ah ! so cute . lolll (retard?)

just nice ! you just msg me eh .


hue yang hua yang ! [:
thanks anyway for helping me to put all my books in the locker on friday

meeting MingYi tmr at my hse downstair tmr
she's returning me the Hua Yang =D

ka ka chatting with mel & andrew now .

lolla !

Constipation ?

whats up with this keychain ? Boyfriend & i have one :D mine was a boy & his was a girl !

on friday , i went for filming

i was told to reach mediacorp early

BECAUSE they have to draw my leg


they tattooed my leg !

look at this !

he took abt 2 hrs to finish drawing BOTH LEGS ?!

my legs were like so numb

but at first it was freaking itchy

then my leg will just shiver a little


then he will ask 'why ? itchy huh.'


he's also a part time actor

his occupation doesnt blend with what he's doing (thats what he told me)

he's an optician !


so sorry , the photo didnt show how he looks like

but i think you guys seen him on tv before .

yeah so .... after 2 hrs ,

here's the art !

cool huh .

(andrew took this)


just imagine how i go home at night after filming

i wore school uniform with this tattoo home

obviously i took cab la !

dropped andrew & guys at novena first & then went home .

ahaha , so pai seh

ppl actually look at me while i was waiting for the lift

even at mediacorp , ppl look at your legs & wonder it was real or fake


& this !
scratches & blue blacks on both arms ok !

they hurts

& i still have bodyaches until today !

omg. hahaha

but its worth it .

haha , oh ! & i used make up remover to remove the tattoo

so tiring lar

Scruffy says :

'okay ! thats all for today ! Oh Ya , Joanne says that she wont be blogging for abt 5 days'

'Most probably she wont be around (:'

'she will update her blog maybe on friday? saturday? or maybe sunday? so sorry she say'

enjoy your holidays ppl ! =D


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