Tuesday, February 27, 2007

ok hi (:

i'm posting today because Adeline asked why arent i blogging these days


hahahaha !

i'm busy what ..



yay , candid -jiejie(me) took this for meeee xD

on sun , i thought there was a Chinese test

i studied like siao

the next morning when i went to school

eh ? why isnt anyone studying for chinese ?

wth -!

-.- wei xuan & xin ni told me it was actually on the NEXT monday


mingyi was absent yesterday , she was sick

poor thinggg ):

yeah , yesterday after school i went striaght home

revised my maths (*stressful looks-)

& had my A maths common test today

i failed my Physics anyway -shit?!

hopefully i dont fail my A maths ..

pray pray pray harddd !

just ended our conver in msn (devil&i)

he's a lamer .

HAHAHA ! ooops.

i wrote a comment in weilun's comment box(friendster)

i was so pissed with him ?

i cant contact him ever since school reopen


excuse me wei lun , can you please return me my neos ?

they belongs to me & they meant alot to me

they brings back memories


you can avoid me as much as possible so long as you return me my neos

guys , its not one or to neoprints but A WHOLE STACK OF NEOPRINTS k !

return me my neos & even if you vanish into thin air , i wont give a damn

i'll take & go

it wont take up alot of your time



oh anyway , there's cross country tmr at Bishan Park

EEEEEE -slanted lips

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