Thursday, January 25, 2007

i took this yesterday !!!
lol .
oh my , yesterday
went to Granny's hse at Serangoon with Shiming
took 73 ,
ate lunch there
& then hweeying came
shiming went off first ):
so the both of us stayed there for awhile ?
took cab , brought cousin serene home
& then went to J8
met darl

at the 3rd floor , we saw pearl



well , said hi to daphne .

went to mini toons ,

after that we walked out

outside golden village , pearl suddenly walked towards us (with anger)

out of the sudden , she pushed me (real hard kind)


its like huh ?

so boyfriend stopped her from getting near me
& then she spoke some eh , cantonese or teochew dailect
aiya , i dont understand one .
no offence ah
after that , ya , we took the escalator down after pearl & friends left
darl asked whether i'm ok .
yes , i am .
well , look around at sasa
J8 is rather a boring place
so we were like no where to go
went up to the 4th floor again

& then somehow , we saw pearl again

then she run towards us again

she ran from action city to gift a name or something

=O !
obviously , she's trying to get me


its like , how come ?

then hweeying & boyfriend ya la , stopped her

hweeying brought me a side

then someone called her

so pearl started thinking that she's trying to get ppl 'like gang gang thingy'

so she scolded hweeying

hy scolded her back

its like , OH MY !

my first time seeing hy so fierce !


after pearl & friends go away , we met eric & yongwei



walked around J8 then went to Long Johns


for not long , hwee ying suggested that why dont we go to Bishan Library

ok lo , so we went


hahaha !


lol !

around 7/8 , we took 88 home

wooo ! finally home


today , there's maths test

A & E maths test

aiyo , 99% fail

i didnt study yesterday


i'm too tired


yeah , had tuition today

guess what

i was rushing my tuition homework & i suddenly dozed off

my head was lying on my study table

when mom woke me up , i realised i drooled


saliva on my assessment book


my mum was like ,'eeeyer , sleep until like that.'


okk , byebye (:

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