Friday, November 17, 2006

Hello .
went to Lavender today
but went to take passport photo first
have to renew mine
i looke damn shitty in the photo
uhh !
mum fustrated me before taking
shiming supposed to come to my hse tonight !
but she had to go for her dental thingy
chatting with Marvin , Mingyi , WeiXuan & a stranger (Glenn?)
MY&WX damn funny
wei xuan takes about 2 min to type an alphabet
lol !
so most of our conversation are only MingYi & I
Jolene will be back by sunday
but i dont know which sunday
Mingyi didnt tell me whether its this sunday , next sunday or next next sunday

went out with darling yesterday


watched Step-up

nice eh !


i bought a Nike bag at J8


after that ,

went to Bugis walk walk

bought Beard Papa for mama

hees .


took train to City Hall ,

& i bought 2 piano books .


& then went home after that .


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