Saturday, September 09, 2006

i was supposed t go orchard with hweeying today
but she canceled our date last min
so , i left hse at 2
met shiming at tpy inter 'red circle'
watched project superstar audition
the was super crowded
hweeying called shiming
& shiming told her where we were
she met us outside burger king
but she left after awhile t meet her friends
she called me & said she didnt want t go out with her firends anymore
and wanted me t accompany her t orchard
i said yes at first but i still didnt go
hees .
bought jay chow new album
AHHH ! *faint
free poster you know !
went t shiming's hse after tt arnd 3/4
watched jay's mtv
& a show called 'lets marry'
hahaha .
reached home at abt 7

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